Bank of Me – investing in success

In incredible demand is our Bank of Me programme to ensure you keep your culture of high performers. We’d love to come and talk you through how our clients are benefiting from the incredible impact our work is having in this area. Call us for a coffee and an informal chat, or click here to view details on our next open programme.

In both Jane’s book and all our work, we use a banking metaphor to describe the two types of people in organisations; ‘savers’ and ‘investors’. We’ve continued this into our ground-breaking programme that takes individuals on a journey to understand how their ‘bank balance’ is enabling or hindering their performance, and thus their contribution to a high performing culture.

We then work with them to make new behaviour stick to increase great performance to be even more exceptional, thus contributing to an incredible culture.

The Bank of Me gives an opportunity for people to explore what they currently do that ‘deposits’ in their bank, and what they do that ‘withdraws’. Working with our faculty of top performers including the very best Olympians, Military and Commercial Pilots we explore what it takes to maintain high performance by paying attention to our physiological self, emotional intelligence, focus muscle for endurance, attitude to growth and team/personal fulfilment.

We also make sure any desired change goes beyond intention and sticks.

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