Retail & Culture with Lane Crawford

Over the last three months we’ve been working in Hong Kong with Lane Crawford. It’s one of the most dynamic, exciting retail brands we’ve ever come across. They are taking the next step in strengthening their culture, as they unite the company around a strong strategy and vision. It’s great to be part of it, and to be interacting with such a diverse, talented team.

A dynamic brand

For a 168-year-old brand, Lane Crawford is still young at heart. This is echoed in their focus on the Asian luxury sector. It’s a rapidly growing area for retail and one that needs a specific, highly tailored approach to succeed within. Their store environment is pure luxury and their offices are a great example of creative thinking and application giving rise to a highly stimulating environment.

Teaming up

We’ve had most of the team working with us on this one. As the work grows and we add in more streams around the culture change the delivery team has also grown. This has seen us deliver a full Bank of Me programme in HK for the top 50 leaders… with plenty more planned. The company’s strategy is comprehensive and gives us a great deal to work with across the organisation. This, coupled with the organisation’s willingness to be inventive and try new ideas really makes this a dream project for us all!


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