My take on the big themes of the HRD Summit 2018

There will be many HR Directors back in the office and catching up on emails after spending two days this week at the HRD Summit in Birmingham.

In an incredibly rich agenda full of accomplished speakers and inspiring journeys, four things seemed to provide the cornerstones of the Summit – transformation, wellbeing, humanisation and digital.

All inextricably linked by the umbrella that is ‘culture’ – here’s my musings on these four big organisational challenges.

1. Transformation

It’s a big word and always feels like a huge distance to travel but a bird’s-eye view isn’t always the right perspective on this one. We’re currently working with multiple clients on a bottom up approach to transformation by activating lots of change energiser groups at local levels to drive the groundswell. Driving forward behaviours that put values into action, these change ninjas are like transformation rocket fuel.

2. Wellbeing

Another big word. We all know the scary numbers about sickness, stress and mental health issues in the workplace. There’s definitely a push-pull between organisations and individuals here but the big message from me is that it has to start with individual ownership. Tools can be provided (yoga rooms, nutrition advice, gym memberships) but in an ‘always on’ world, it’s only us that can take ourselves off the treadmill. Attitude shifts are key.

3. Humanisation

It’s strange isn’t it that somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten the very essence of what we all are? Whilst it seems that everything in life is changing very quickly, as human beings, we are not. Of course we do change and evolve but not at the speed of everything that is changing around us – we remain human at heart with basic needs to feel valued, communicated with and respected. Remember this in all you do.

4. Digital

See above 🙂

What big ideas or themes did you pick up at the HRD Summit? I’d love to hear them.

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