Culture Consultancy of the Year – Won Standing on the Shoulders of a TV Giant

We won! Very proud to say that we were chosen as The Consultancy of The Year at the Business Culture Awards. It’s an accolade based on seven years of exciting and rewarding work with an amazing team at UKTV.

The UKTV crew turned out in force to support us last night, and it’s only right that we share a team photo with them in it. Our award submission detailed all the great work they’ve involved us in. It charted their success as they grew into a major broadcaster and rocketed into the Times Best Companies Top 100 list – the first in their industry to do so.

The judges highlighted their work in their summary of our entry: “It was noted that you demonstrated a “UKTV transformation/turnaround”. You “delivered impressive business performance. Showed a total U-turn in engagement scores landing a position in Top 100 Best Companies. Led from the top… Highly engaging with progressive use of new tools and strategies including innovation potential.”

“When our name was announced our table was in utter shock!” Explains Jane Sparrow, Founder of The Culture Builders. “We had spent the taxi ride to it planning how to tell people we didn’t win. It was a great feeling to share the stage with our friends at UKTV. I believe you can only do great work if you have great clients.”

It was an amazing night, one that highlighted the prominence that culture holds in business performance and success. There were some amazing projects, people and organisations up for awards, and it was a real honour to be amongst them. We spoke with the Host, Tim Pointer, about how other elements of business such as products, services and strategy can be copied or imitated, but that company climate cannot. His speech at the start of the evening highlighted how little it takes to lose good employees. He shared ideas on how a strong culture is the one thing above all else that will keep people in an organisation.

Elisabeth Miles, Business Manager at UKTV, shared her view on the value of our relationship with them: “I have worked with Jane for nearly 10 years in varying different companies. Jane brings something completely unique – something you don’t realise until you see other people in her field trying to do something similar and it never living up to what you experience with her. She has taken us on an incredible journey, truly listening and getting straight to the heart of challenges – her energy, insight, care and ability to bring outside opinions in to widen your perspective is second to none. She is a joy to work with and truly first class in her field.”

A night that used culture to help children

The event also fund-raised for Great Ormond Street Hospital. The Director of HR and Organisational Development at the Hospital, Ali Mohammed, gave a short, poignant presentation. His simple statement of ‘we are the last hope for these people’ was most noteworthy, and silenced the room.

As our team member (and double-gold medal winning rower) Steve Williams OBE says – everyone gets a part of this award. Hence, this includes all of our team members, our suppliers, our associates and of course our friends and family, who support and help at every turn.

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