We need to be more intentional about mental health

“I actually think we need to move away from the one in four message. One in one of us have mental health and just like physical health some days it is better than others. But being able to be open about it helps everyone.” – Alastair Campbell
It’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK right now. This is always close to our hearts, and something that needs more than just a week of attention…by all of us.
This quote from Alastair Campbell captures a key aspect of how we think about Mental Health.
  • Everyone has it, constantly, we never have a break from it, it’s with us 24 hours a day.
  • We need to be more intentional about looking after it.
  • And, we have an influence on it in others – something we could try to be more aware of and active in supporting.
Our Bank of Me Programme is premised on the idea that Human Beings can be thought of as Human Bank Accounts. That we can choose to make deposits or investments in our account – behaviours, habits and actions that help and support us…
…boosting our energy…
…raising our emotional resilience…
…increasing our ability to focus…
…growing our motivation…
…increasing our ability to learn and grow.
And equally, that we can choose both to make withdrawals from our account, and how we impact on the Human Bank Accounts of others, too.
Awareness that we will have an impact, intentional or not, on every single person our paths cross every day is a starting point (and if you believe in the Butterfly Effect and Paying It Forward, further than that too). Choosing to intentionally invest in the Human Bank Accounts of those around us is the next step. Creating a culture where everybody does that would be a great goal to have.
Not everything is under our control
Of course, there are always things that we have no control over, but which have a huge impact on us. However, if we actively trained ourselves to look after our mental and emotional health in the ways mentioned above – like we do our physical health – and to talk about it, who’s to say that we wouldn’t be better able to deal with life’s curveballs.
If you, or someone you care about (or why not a stranger) needs support, these helplines might be useful.

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