Chris Preston

Chris has been working in the field of engagement, communications and development for more than 15 years. His career started in the third sector, where he gained valuable experience in building up a communications structure from scratch, and learned the value of the phrase “Famously Efficient, Efficiently Famous”.

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He spent a number of years working for the UK-based consultancy dpa as a client director, during which time he delivered exciting, ground-breaking work for companies such as Allianz, Toyota and Masterfoods. More recently he has worked in large corporations, with roles in companies such as Pfizer and Sony.

Chris is a psychology graduate, a member of the British Psychological Society, and a Level A&B trained assessor. His background came into good effect when he developed the company’s core assessment appoach – the Culture Builders Profiling Tool.

Alongside this academic work, Chris is also well versed in setting up internal communications structures from scratch, and working on major change projects – both in terms of the communications element, and also the engagement with managers, and the practical approaches to embedding significant organisational change. He has fulfilled these roles both as an advising/delivering consultant and in-house within blue chip organisations.

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