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Due to the pressures of coronavirus, more and more employers are restricting travel and asking people to work remotely. As an expert in remote working and virtual collaboration, Jane is providing widespread support and advice on the topic and is available for media & press inquiries. To get in touch contact us here.

Enabling high performance

Jane is passionate about enabling individuals and organisations to perform at their best. Her approach is grounded in the belief that by moving people beyond being simply ‘savers’ in an organisation and working with them to become ‘investors’, people will put more in and organisations can unlock their performance potential.

Organisational culture expert, published author, expert facilitator, performance coach, impactful speaker and global commentator, she has worked with businesses across the world, including Centrica, UKTV, Sony, Lane Crawford, Dyson, HSBC, Rugby Premiership and Sky, to create and sustain high performance cultures.

Jane Sparrow is passionate about enabling others to sustainably perform at their best and achieve their personal and organisational goals. Throughout her career she has worked closely with people of all levels to help them maximise their potential, build capacity and implement behavioural change programmes within different cultures and a changing business environment. She is an expert facilitator, business consultant, performance coach and impactful speaker. Jane is co-author and contributor to a number of best selling books.

“Imagine an organisation where every employee is giving his or her best every day. It’s a place where people are fired up by what they’re striving to achieve. It’s a place where a shared belief unites people and drives inspiration, collaboration and innovation. It’s a place where culture is king.”
Jane Sparrow

An acclaimed author

Jane’s leading book, The Culture Builders: Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance, has been acclaimed by business leaders, communication professionals and HR specialists, receiving endorsements from organisations including BUPA, Diageo and Starbucks. Her latest book, ‘The Bank of Me, How to invest in yourself and others to build amazing workplace cultures’ is focused on powering performance and transforming lives by helping everyone pay attention to their ‘human bank account’. Jane’s work has also been incorporated into multiple university and business school curriculums, including MBA programmes, Cambridge University’s Prince of Wales Business and Sustainability programme and Henley Business School.

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If you’d like to discuss the possibility of Jane delivering a keynote at your event or conference, just get in touch

Keynote speaker

Jane is highly sought after for management, leadership and communication events, has delivered keynotes all over the world and is an expert speaker on organisational culture, performance, leadership and change.

With an interactive, dynamic and inclusive style, always supported by real life examples and practical advice, Jane’s keynotes leave people feeling both inspired and empowered to act in their own organisations, teams and lives.

Conferences & global keynotes include:

Public Sector Annual Internal Communications Conference
Government Communications Network, UK
Institute of Internal Communications, UK
Talent Management Symposium, Dubai
Aligning People and Talent Conference, Athens
Melcrum Employee Engagement Symposium, UK
World of Learning, UK
Volkswagen, UK
Siemens Mergers and Acquisitions Conference, UK
National Police Improvement Agency Annual Conference, UK
Sony Europe Management Conference
Grey EMEA leadership team, Madrid
Sony Europe Information Systems and Business Partner team, UK
Save the Children Leadership team, UK
BBC WorldWide, UK
UKTV leadership team conference, UK
International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), New York

“Jane is a consummate presenter, able to get that important balance between confidence in delivery and real connection with the audience. She has punchy pace but still manages an easy style. Her presentations are well researched, have reassuring gravitas and ooze professionalism. She leaves the audience feeling informed and impressed.”
Russell Grossman, Former Director of Communications for Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Press and media

Jane has applied her expertise in a variety of ways having published multiple books, featured on panels and become an accomplished media commentator. Jane is available to discuss culture and performance with the press and is always looking for opportunities to write about or discuss topical issues. To contact Jane about press and media opportunities as an organisational culture and high performance expert, use the contact form.

Organisations Jane has worked with:

Bank of Me podcast

Hear Jane and her team in action discussing a plethora of timely topics with other business leaders.

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