Owen Cook

Owen is a consultant with The Culture Builders – working with a number of our clients on a wide range of programmes. He has been working in engagement, personal development and change for over a decade.

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Owen joined the company following seven years working as a managing partner of a Scottish charity and social enterprise. Whilst there he created and led programmes supporting local and national government, services and businesses to collaborate with their users, customers and stakeholders (with a particular focus on young people) to create innovative change whilst simultaneously ensuring all programmes also achieved the social goals of the charity: helping participants develop their confidence, leadership, cooperation and collaboration skills; increasing their capacity as agents of change; and improving their networks and relationships.

Owen’s extensive experience working with disadvantaged and disengaged young people (and sometimes adults) in a wide range of contexts means he is practiced in building helpful team behaviours, identifying and building motivation, and growing a sense of agency through self-directed working.

Prior to this, he worked in a UK-based consultancy creating and delivering change, innovation and development projects to a mix of national & international organisations. He’s a crack-shot project manager and ensures that our programmes deliver the right outcomes at the right time.