Bank of Me

Creating a culture of top performers

The Bank of Me is about powering productivity and transforming lives by helping us pay attention to our ‘human bank account’. How much we deposit and withdraw from our human bank balance, as individuals and teams, has a direct impact on how well we are able to perform.

The latest offering from organisational culture experts, The Culture Builders, The Bank of Me focuses on positive, lasting behaviour change. Designed to help with the most common organisational challenges, including managing change, health and wellbeing and effective communication, there’s a range of modules, available in various formats, for you to choose from and combine for powerful development fit for your team’s needs.

Offering everything from two-day experiential programmes through to highly efficient 90-minute modules and 60 minute webinars, all Bank of Me content is designed by our faculty of elite performers in their field (including Olympians and military acrobats), who bring new language, thinking and inspiration to the work.

The impact? Helping people to be the best they can be.

Find out more on the Bank of Me site.