About Us

We are a UK-based consultancy that specialises in building highly effective management and leadership teams that are able to fully and sustainably engage your organisation – raising team and personal performance to meet the challenges ahead.

We work in a range of areas to achieve this – communication, learning & development, organisational development, events and technology solutions…. Or just our brains and time on your challenge.

This site contains core information about The Culture Builders company (tCB), what we can do for you, and what we’ve done for others. You might also want to visit the area of the site that focuses on practical resources that you can access now (for free!) to help you understand your engagement challenges and how you can start to tackle them.

If you want more information, give us a call, and we will happily talk about what you are looking for and give you some steer. You don’t have to be representing a company; we also support and work with individuals looking to make personal changes and develop their careers.