Below are several of our most recent clients, with a short summary of what we’ve delivered with them – we have plenty more to talk about, so contact us to have an informal chat with one of the team.

Much of our work is captured in some of the case studies that feature in the book – we will also be adding more information on our work here in the near future. If you can’t wait, contact us now and we can talk you through our activities in more detail.


Bank of America – BoA is a leading financial services provider, which owns a range of products such as MBNA. The Culture Builders are working with Bank of America in the UK to embed our profiling tool into their development programme for middle managers. The company has a comprehensive plan to build a strong culture, with its leaders as the main driving force. They are using the profiling tool to help leaders and managers understand where they are strong, and where they should place emphasis on development to ensure success.


The Community Health Partnership (CHP) – creates the highest quality primary and community estates that serve the needs of local communities and contributes towards improving people’s health and wellbeing. tCB is helping the CHP to create a stronger, future-ready organisation through advice, strategic direction and direct coaching & development with the senior team.



Coloplast – Coloplast is the UK’s leading medical devices company. They have placed significant emphasis on creating a highly engaged workforce, with managers being the pivotal group in making this happen. They have been working with The Culture Builders to deliver a series of masterclasses from our Curriculum, with a specific focus on the Storyteller and Strategist. More widely, they have been working with Jane to adopt our language around the components of culture to help them identify the activities that have the most impact. Read the full case study here.


Sony – Sony Professional Solutions is Europe’s top broadcast and professional equipment provider. tCB has shaped and delivered an entirely new communications and engagement plan for the group, which has seen the adoption of new tools and technologies that reach the hard-to-reach audiences. We are also supporting the arrival and integration of a new Vice President into the group.

Both Jane and Chris have worked on large-scale transformation programmes within Sony, which have led to significant transformational change within the organisation. Work in this area has been a mixture of external support, guidance and activity and internal roles that have owned significant elements of the communication and engagement throughout the process.


CooperVision – CooperVision is a leading manufacturer of contact lenses and associated equipment. They have been working with The Culture Builders on a number of projects, including the development of a process to build more inventiveness within the company – using, as they described it, ‘the most unusual, thought provoking and successful techniques ever seen.

Jane is also a faculty member on the company’s senior leadership development programme – for which she provides learning and development around the need for leaders to understand and own culture work and to be exemplar culture managers, who possess high levels of ‘Engagement Intelligence’.

We have also been engaged by CooperVision to support a pan-European Employee Communications strategy – including the placement of our team into the business during a critical period. As with a lot of our work, this has grown to encompass wider conversations about the role of leaders in building a strong culture, with Jane actively coaching groups of managers to become the experts in this area.


LSC –LSC Education supports schools and education organisations world-wide, to recruit exceptional leaders – We have a close association with LSC – supporting them in identifying the very best talent in the academic world and ensuring that their senior placements are most likely to fit, or appropriately challenge, the culture of the organisation they are joining.


BBC Worldwide – BBC Worldwide is a leading global provider of rich programming, which takes the output of the BBC to a huge audience. the Culture Builders worked with the board of BBC Worldwide to enable them to plan a strong approach to communicating their future strategy to the business, building engagement and excitement around what it will mean and creating meaningful dialogue and firm plans to ensure that people are ‘taken along’ the journey of change and growth.


UKTV – UKTV is THE fastest growing set of TV channels in the UK, with 10 channels that are out-performing all competitors. tCB has been working for two years in the company, initially establishing a clear vision and values set that the senior team co-designed, wholly owned and enthusiastically delivered. This work has developed into a number of workstreams that support cultural development, including individual coaching, team work and leadership development programmes.


Thatcham – Thatcham is a non-profit organisation that helps the motoring industry build and maintain safe vehicles. As part of its plan to develop a strong, positive culture in the organisation, they have been working with The Culture Builders to create an effective Employee Engagement Group. We have been scoping the remit of the Group, developing a plan for recruitment and creating a specific training programme that will ensure they hit the ground running.


HUK Group – HUK is one of the country’s leading publishers. tCB is currently conducting a coaching and development programme with the company’s senior leaders – including an audit and replay of current profiling and assessment tools.


Pfizer – Pfizer is one the world’s largest drug companies, with 3,000 colleagues in the UK alone. tCB developed a number of manager support tools and programmes that plugged a number of gaps between global support & development and local resources. This has included process mapping core elements to create a comprehensive training programme for new in post managers, a series of masterclasses around the core thinking in the book and a number of communications structures that ensure this group is well informed.


– the UK’s main provider of paid TV content, broadband and phone services. tCB has worked with one specific group to look at how the team and the leadership within it can perform more sustainably and work more closely.