Culture Curriculum

We have two components to our curriculum – the Leader as Culture Builder core, which you can find out more about below, and our Bank of Me programme that gives people real tools, techniques and inspiration to manage themselves to be the best they can be. In turn, this gives individuals more control and ensures they become part of the team driving an amazing culture within your organisation. You can read more about the Bank of Me programme here.


Leader as Culture Builder – a development programme built around the five roles needed for engagement.

The Culture Builders have developed a powerful Curriculum that builds on the thinking, advice and experience contained within the popular business book The Culture Builders. The unique programme takes leaders and managers through a journey that unpacks, for them, the most effective methods to engage with their teams to build a high performing culture.

So much of engagement work to create high performance cultures is centred around one-off events that really don’t change much, while this programme gives the skills and confidence for engagement to happen everyday and thus be sustained after the big strategic announcements happen.

Broken down into five modules, it is a mix of best practice sharing, practical learning, reflection and individual action planning. All together they cover the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of powerful engagement, ranging from the need to be a visionary leader through to the essential elements of people planning and strategic focus that are essential to the process of cultural development.  It’s designed to give skills, confidence and resources that can be immediately used.

Each module has its own specific delivery approach, creating five very individual components that can either be delivered in a single two and a half day block, or individually as needed. It’s high energy, with an emphasis on experiential and inclusive learning.  The programme constantly receives highly positive feedback from delegates.

Delivery is flexible, with some companies choosing to deliver it in one block, whilst others either choose specific modules based on the company’s focus, or implement all five modules over a longer period of time.

The content is also adaptable to meet specific audience needs – and can be focused around a certain layer of management or function.

Find out more about the five roles here.