Our Approach

Alongside our bespoke work, we also have a number of well-defined tools that we can deliver in the blink of an eye within organisations looking for a rapid solution or steer on an issue or opportunity.

Creating High Performance Cultures

A great deal of our work focuses on team performance and the desire to build high performing team cultures – many of our recent projects around this have taken place during mergers and acquisitions within our clients, or after re-organisations, when there’s a need to ‘pick the teams back up’ and a real urgency around the need to engage people in the change or newly re-formed company. We use a range of tools to achieve this, sometimes as straight-forward as MBTI profiling and team dynamics – moving right up to our Curriculum content – the Leader as Culture Builder activity and the hugely popular Bank of Me programme.

Ultimately this is about creating a high performance culture – designing and implementing a new approaches to performance management where a culture of giving and seeking insight is created.


Culture Audit
we’ve worked with a variety of organisations in just about every industry sector to run cultural audits; using our unique and proven approach to understanding the type of Company Culture that exists today and define how it needs to shift to achieve the ambition and goals for the future. Our approach differs from a traditional audit because it goes beyond focus groups to move people to taking action as a result of the sessions we run. We enable people to describe the current culture and think about their part in delivering an even higher performing culture that will achieve success in the future. We also conduct desk research to ensure the wealth of existing engagement and people data is considered. From this we pull together a picture of the current culture and where key levers exist to move it forward. The work we do in this area is designed to be a strong diagnostic but practical and leaves people with tools to use immediately in taking action. It’s therefore also an engagement driver.

Communications Audit
Using the expertise of The Culture Builders (tCB) team we will quickly assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your current internal communications and/or engagement work. Playing back frankly what we see, we will also advise on practical steps the organisation can take to immediately bolster the work. This looks like:

  • Mixture of measurement approaches to get the numbers and the reasons behind the numbers
  • Assessment of communications/engagement vehicles (i.e. newsletters, leader blogs)
  • Understanding of buy-in and activity from leaders & managers
  • Review of timelines, plans and recent activity
  • Benchmarking against similar organisations
  • Report and actions
  • De-brief, and input from the tCB team

Employee Communications
Our foundation is within employee communications, and the combined experience across the company means there is very little that we haven’t either done directly, supervised or know plenty about. Within this area, we cover things from top to bottom:

  • Support in planning strategy
  • Identifying the team to deliver within your organisation
  • Direct delivery
  • Secondment of team members to deliver
  • Interim support to cover roles and projects

It’s difficult to give an accurate description of what this looks like, as it very much depends on the specific engagement or communication challenge at hand. It’s worth remembering that our core focus is the leader & manager population within your organisation. So implementation will be around arming these groups with the tools, plans and skills to assure success.

We offer a full spectrum of support around this area, from strategic planning to ‘in-housing’ our team to support the work on an interim basis. It’s worth chatting more with us if you are about to face a major communications or engagement challenge – people find 30 minutes on the phone with us is often a lifebuoy in a stormy sea.

Leadership Development Programmes

This is a huge area that we cannot unpack here, so all we’ll tell you are two things – 1: we’ve designed and delivered some of the most powerful, game-changing progammes ever encountered by managers and leaders, and, 2: we’ve got a core piece of thinking that challenges you to consider hard about what you want the output to be… You’d be surprised by how few people know or do this.

You want to know more? Call us to chat about the initial audit process – it’s our IP and therefore treasured by us. We can tell you though that Chris, whilst working in companies such as dpa, has taken leaders to an artic wilderness, taken managers to the deepest levels of their self-awareness and taken hard-as-nails police officers through reflective programmes that they’ve described simply as ‘the best ever’. Jane takes no prisoners – she’s had leaders rowing with Olympians until they could no longer walk, made whole teams cry and delivered thinking around building trust that has been so compelling that people have told her to shut up so they could debate and explore it further.

And… we know people who’ll give our programmes accreditation that will take it right up to Masters level.

Key Note Speaker

Looking for someone to fire up the audience, or to act as the anchor point for your event? Need someone who can start debates and thinking about new ways of working and finding new sources of innovation? Want input into an in-house event that really needs challenging and firing up?
Jane is a renowned speaker (with All-Star status in the International Association of Business Communicators) that can bring a wealth of stories, new thinking and business best practice to any event.

Using, but not limited to, the content of her book – The Culture Builders – Jane weaves stories that have the audience on the edges of their seats. They engage with her for the powerful way in which she brings a story alive, and they remember what she said because of the practical way in which she frames the content.


Both Jane and Chris are highly experienced facilitators that have worked in a wide variety of situations, and presented compelling, original content that is guaranteed to alight passion within your audience.

We can work as host and facilitator throughout an entire event, or step into one slot and add some challenging thinking to the debate to move conversations forward. In particular, we have experience of:

  • Creating senior board workshops on a range of topics – from company strategy to team dynamics
  • Leading practical strategy development in a range of areas
  • Team building events – in every shape and size
  • Developing and delivering communication and engagement focused events that reach thousands of people
  • Creating open dialogue and encouraging the flow of innovation within the group
  • Airing issues, containing debate around tough issues and finding new common ground.

We have worked, and will work with teams ranging from three people right up to a room of 500 plus people. We don’t worry about the size of the group (we’ve got plenty of techniques to engage large audiences), we focus on the outcomes – facilitation is safely taking a group somewhere difficult and bringing them back somewhere new.

Profiling and Assessment

If you need to gain further understanding about yourself, your team or your organisation we have the tools and experience to help you. Whether it’s a personal desire to learn where you should place your effort in development or a need to find the right person for a key role, we can support. With two British Psychological Society members on the team, we can apply rigour to any process, and with a wealth of business experience we can bring in the practical ‘what next’ that is often missing from assessment and profiling work.


Both Jane and Chris are highly sought after coaches who work with senior managers and leaders to help take them to the next step in their careers. We know from feedback received that we have a significant, transformational effect when coaching people, and the honest insight that we share with individuals is a valuable part of enabling them to see the deficits in their approach and how to take steps to change.

Project Accelerator

All tCB team members have delivered some amazing projects that have become legendary within the companies in which they happened. Our experience of what makes people’s heart beat faster gives us the edge that will ensure a planned activity or roll-out will cut through the daily noise within an organisation, and capture the eye and mind of the audience. This looks like:

  • Review of communication approach and planned tools
  • Guidance on stakeholder engagement and long-term planning to embed the project into the organisation
  • Advice on ‘what works best’ in terms of timelines and communications vehicles
  • Creative thinking and ‘pitch’ ideas on ways in which you can build momentum and excitement
  • Creative execution as required