Seven Steps With You

On this site you’ll find all sorts of content that tells you what we do – but we recognise that the particular challenge that brought you here will be a unique mixture of needs, people and outcomes, which you may not see featured.

Our approach in these circumstances is simple:

Talk – discuss with you what’s needed, what you want as an outcome and the size and shape of the work you have in mind. It may be that we are not right for you, and if that’s the case we’ll say so – and put you in touch with someone who we think may be better suited

Play back – tell you what we’re hearing from you and clarify with you the key elements, which is a useful exercise that checks we are on the right track, and you have the opportunity to listen to your own problems!

Plan – If it seems like we can help, we’ll give you a clear outline of what’s possible, what we could add and what we’ll charge – plus some ideas around how we’d make it sparkle

Implement – if you like what we suggest, we’ll crack on and deliver against the brief – with regular review points and milestones identified

Transfer– the aim is never to build reliance on The Culture Builders – so we’ll ensure part of what we do is build a succession plan for the work with your internal team

Review – a post-race wash up, with the aim of both sides learning how to do it that bit better next time

The bit in the middle, the magic, can only be developed once we talk to you and find out what’s required, and how our wealth of experience can be applied to create something that effects a lasting, positive change. We can also talk with you about whom from our wider network could step in with us and do some amazing work – be it Olympic rowers, famous professors, leading academics or coaching experts.

Talk to us – we are always happy to advise and share insight (for free – more fool us!) and it just might be that we can give you something that will unlock a solution for you, or at least make it sound exciting!