Our Books

We now have three books in publication.


Volume two:  ‘Bank of Me – The Remote Working Edition’

This completely new ebook volume (paper version to follow) of the best-selling Bank of Me book is packed full of tips and tools to keep you and your team healthy, positive and focused when working and collaborating virtually. Learn how to cope with the stress and challenge of home-based working and keep connected to your colleagues.

Download the all-new ebook that provides  tips and ideas to help remote workers stay productive, focused, healthy and connected in a challenging environment – all aimed at helping us survive and thrive when Remote Working in a digital age.

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BOM book‘Bank of Me; How to Invest in Yourself and Others to Build Great Cultures‘.

If you think about your personal capacity – energy levels, drive, enthusiasm and emotional well-being – as a quantifiable resource – as a human bank balance that you effectively manage, this book will raise your awareness of things that act as withdrawals, depleting your balance, moving you into the ‘red’, and those that act as a deposit, enriching your balance, keeping you in the ‘black’ – feeling healthy, energised and positive.

If you’re looking for practical tips, working practices, inspiration and simple ideas to try, get this book.

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Our first book is called – ‘The Culture Builders; Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance’.

Packed with theory, practical approaches and real-life stories to inspire leaders, managers and professionals at all levels, The Culture Builders explores:

  • how the highest performing organisations engage and motivate their people to be, not just ‘Savers’, but ‘Investors’ in their work, building high-achieving cultures
  • the roles that managers and leaders need to demonstrate to turn employees into ‘investors’ in an organisation

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