Bank of Me

Our new book, Bank of Me, is here!

Written by our co-founders, Jane Sparrow and Chris Preston, it is designed as a toolkit to help you, and the people you work with, to be more effective, focused, healthy and happy.

It’s full of practical tips that will encourage everyone to develop more efficient working practices, to build better relationships, to use rather than waste time, to think healthy and to find meaning and delight in what they do day-to-day.

The book cuts through theory and gives direct, applicable advice that anyone can use. It’s the sum total of years of work with organisations around the world. Over and again we’ve heard from people that they want useable, simple ideas to try – a buffet of great things to keep dipping into.

This book is about supporting something we term Bank of Me. It’s a simple idea: thinking about our personal capacity – energy levels, drive, enthusiasm and emotional well-being – as a quantifiable resource (a bank balance) that we effectively manage.

We work in organisations that are full of people with high human bank balances – they are amazing cultures to be in and we see happy, engaged teams working effectively together.

This doesn’t happen by accident. It happens when people identify, do and keep doing the right things to build a positive environment. And that’s the aim of this book – to give you some simple, successful tools that will let you create your own plan to keep personal and team bank balances high.

A key part of keeping a high human bank balance is to be aware of the things that send us into the ‘red’ with our levels of energy, emotions and enthusiasm, and those that keep us in the ‘black’ and feeling healthy, energised and positive. There’s a great deal of content in this book that’s going to give you and your team some practical nudges ‘into the Black’.

It’s not rocket science, it’s people science, with a dash of culture thrown in to ensure that what we do to improve ourselves also improves the organisations we spend so much of our lives within.

The book is available on Amazon, but you can also order it directly from us:

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Ten percent of all profits from this book go to the charity United World Schools (UWS). UWS work in some of the world’s poorest regions to give children access to free education by partnering with local communities and supporters around the world. UWS teach the unreached.

By purchasing this book, you are both investing in yourself and in the lives of many children. | Registered UK Charity 1129537