The Culture Builders

The Culture Builders; Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance looks at how the highest performing organisations engage and motivate their people.

It’s a book with a very practical approach for leaders, managers and professionals that explores the levels of engagement required to build a high-achieving culture, the roles that managers and leaders need to demonstrate to turn employees into ‘investors’ in an organisation and best practice from exceptional leaders in companies across the globe.

Jane Sparrow shares a blend of theory, inspirational stories and practical approaches that the reader can use immediately to boost performance among employees. The five roles to be a culture builder are easy to grasp and give a core model for use in everyday business life. Featured organisations include some of the best known brands such as Sony, Diageo, Logica, Burger King, Starbucks, John Lewis Partnership and Innocent. The Culture Builders is suitable for anyone managing or leading others – virtually or directly, in any size of business.

The book unpacks two big ideas.

The first is that sustained organisational performance comes when employees are not just ‘Savers’ but ‘Investors’ in their work.

Our four-stage model shows that levels one and two of engagement come from building understanding and commitment. These provide the base level of engagement, and a community of ‘savers’; employees that understand and feel committed to a direction.

However, for sustainable high performance, organisations need ‘investors’. These are people that have a higher level of engagement and thus deliver even more. ‘Investors’ come from creating attachment and significance.

 The second big idea is the simple, yet powerful, notion that leaders and managers need to proficiently work across five roles to build and maintain cultures for performance. They are the Prophet, Storyteller, Strategist, Coach and Pilot. Read more about them here.

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