The Prophet

This role Is all about passion, vision and inspiration. Prophets paint a visual picture of the future in a highly emotive way that others can get hold of and want to be part of. At a leadership level, the prophet is the person that inspires people with passion, belief and clarity so that everyone in the organisation understands where we are going and what we stand for.

At a manager level, it’s about keeping the vision real, alive and never letting it fade. It could be about creating vision and purpose for a project, department or team. The critical parts of being a prophet are being passionate, aspirational and inspiring.

Great prophets find ways of connecting their personal purpose with the company purpose and direction so you just sense the deep passion for the future. They light your fire and make you want to understand the ‘how’ we are going to get there. The kind of words a prophet will use regularly are ‘dream’, ‘vision’, ‘purpose’, ‘stand’, ‘achieve’. Senior leaders as prophets don’t talk about the past – they talk about the future and how it’s exciting and achievable.

When working with individuals and teams to strengthen this role we cover:

  • The value and impact of long-term vision
  • Unpacking a vision, and looking at great examples
  • How leaders use a future scenario to drive performance and steer change
  • Making change a positive constant
  • Using the future as a driver of performance