The Coach

This role understands what makes the individual’s heart beat and works with that knowledge and helps individuals grow and deliver more value. A coach is the ‘people grower’, the nurturer.

Coaches ask the right questions rather than simply giving answers. The result is people that are led, they build their capacity and capability in a sustainable way rather than having quick fixes to problems. People feel valued and their engagement and performance levels soar. This is role seen least in organisations because it takes a desire, time and effort.

Coaches nurture and water to be sure that people bring the best of themselves to what they do. Managers are so busy ‘doing’ that this is an area seen the least in companies today. Yet it’s the one that makes a sustainable difference. Coaches ask not tell. They coach formally and informally, giving insight ‘on the job’. They develop sustainable capacity in people – don’t just quick fix.

A senior leader as coach gives the space to managers to coach their people. They encourage it and role model it themselves by using a coaching style with their direct reports.

When working with individuals and teams to strengthen this role we cover:

  • Coach as engager – what coaching can add to the culture
  • Focus on change, engagement and culture development and how individuals can grow during this time
  • The tools to grow people in tough times and keep them on-track
  • How great leaders use coaching to build strong teams
  • Manager as coach – the practical elements