The Pilot

The one with the hand on the tiller – he’s mindful, calm and balanced. He’s our ‘adult’ that won’t be running around with his hair on fire. You’ll hear him be reassuring and confident, always knowing when to be authoritative and when to be facilitative. He makes sure we’re mindful that we need to be working across the five fundamental roles of a ‘Culture Builder’ to create high performing teams.


A pilot is great at appreciating others. He trusts them and is trusting. He uses tone of voice and body language appropriately. He’s consistent and does what he says he’ll do. Pilots are honest and give some of themselves to others – they don’t hide.



The three aspects of a pilot:

Authoritative – leading from personal knowledge and belief with a strong sense of ‘I’m right’ that gives me the confidence to direct others.

Inclusive – leading using a facilitative style that regularly sees me including people in conversations about what’s happening and therefore what’s required. This gives me the certainty that I’m making the right decisions.

Enabling – taking the view that leadership is about providing stimulus and energy rather than firm guidance. I believe it’s my role to give people the space and time to take the direction I feel is right.

When working with individuals and teams to strengthen this role we cover:

  • How each of the three approaches adds value if used correctly
  • How to ‘steer’ the organisation in times of change
  • What ‘great’ looks like for this role – how other leaders use this as a strength
  • Practical steps to strengthen the Pilot
  • Building trust through the Pilot role