The Strategist

The Strategist has a plan to engage every person in his team or under his influence. He’ll know who his talent are, and has a retention and development plan for each of them. The strategist is the logical, rational part of being a manager that takes intention about engagement and makes it a reality.


Managers need a plan to motivate, enthuse and inspire their people. They then need to be strong at putting that plan into action. Great strategists have development plans for each of their people and they manage stakeholders and keep focused. In a highly purposeful or passionate culture, it’s often this role that’s in need of most attention.



When working with individuals and teams to strengthen this role we cover:

  • How successful leaders drive long term engagement planning and action
  • The power of consistent actions over short term changes
  • Practical tools to maintain momentum, keep people on the plan and ensure success
  • Aligning people to the plan and ensuring they take actions
  • Long-term actions that build consistency and embed best practice