The chances are you are here because you’ve read our book, Bank of Me, which takes a practical approach to help you and the people you work with to be more effective (if you’re not – perhaps take a look at the book before going further).

Sometimes change happens quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes willingly, sometimes begrudgingly… Whatever is happening, we do know that positive change doesn’t happen without effort, intentionality… and support. High performance is never an accident. It comes from taking action, not once, but sustainably over time. It also happens when we seek out and take good advice.

We’ve developed a bespoke toolkit to accompany the Bank of Me Book and associated programme, to continue your work around building a great culture for others and yourself. The book has a whole range of ideas and actions to do this, but people still wanted more…

You can sign-up for the toolkit at different levels to suit your needs, either:

  • Individual
  • Team/Organisation-wide

There are more details below.



When you sign up to the Individual Bank of Me Toolkit, you’ll receive a burst of inspiration and support every week – including tips of the week, exclusive audio and video content, and relevant gifts through the post. Sometimes it’s advice on what to read or a great statistic/fact that illuminates and creates inspiration. Other times it’s an exclusive article, piece of thinking or talking head with a senior leader.

Our team will tailor the content to match your current circumstances, aims and challenges. Whether you are leading an organisational change or transformation process; looking for more individual development for your own growth; or needing to develop yourself in the face of challenges and uncertainty, the content will be hand-picked to meet your needs, right now.



It may be that you want to motivate and inspire/delight your team, department or even whole organisation. If this is the case, we offer a tailored set of content to match your current requirements: whether you’re going through an organisational change or transformation process; or looking for more team development in the face of challenges and uncertainty. The ideas, concepts and practices we share with you and your colleagues will be those we know to be relevant and useful to your specific context.

Each person in your group will receive the same content, but we’ll include questions for shared discussion and learning together, and/or ways to use the ideas and content as a team to fuel increased performance. As you’ll be signing up as a team/organisation, we’ll want to discuss your needs in more depth to ensure value and impact. 


To find out more, complete the form below and we’ll get back in touch with you.



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